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The 393, 419, & 455 Series SafeSet Locomotive Parking Brakes are automated electric motor driven systems that also incorporate the standard manual interfaces found on mechanical hand brakes.

SafeSet Lever Style Locomotive Parking Brake
The 393 Series SafeSet Locomotive Parking Brake is an automated electric motor driven system that also incorporates the standard manual interface found on lever style hand brakes.

SafeSet Wheel Style Locomotive Parking Brake
The design of the 419 Series of SafeSet Wheel Style Locomotive Parking Brakes builds on the successful foundation of the 393 Series Lever Style. The 419 Series is offered for those customers requiring a wheel vs. a lever for the backup interface.

SafeSet 455 Series Wheel Style Locomotive Parking Brake
The 455 Series is designed to fit the installation envelope of Ellcon-National 210 Series mechanical hand brakes.

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