Graham-White Unveils Newly Redesigned Air Dryer System at Railway Interchange 2015 Exhibition and Technical Conference.

Graham-White Unveils Newly Redesigned Air Dryer System at Railway Interchange 2015 Exhibition and Technical Conference.

Booth #3837 • October 4 – 7, 2015 • Minneapolis Convention Center

Celebrating more than 100 years as a heavy rail and rail transit equipment industry leader, Graham-White is pleased to return to the 2015 Railway Interchange Exhibition and Technical Conference with a robust array of rail solutions, introducing the Precision Series-AirSmart 994, a newly redesigned and state-of-the-art air dryer system, as well as the updated Precision Series 975.

"Graham-White has attended this show for decades and we’re excited to return again in 2015 to showcase rail system products and safety-focused industry solutions," Vice President of Sales, Jack Kuhns, said. "Every year we look forward to the opportunity this conference provides us to showcase our latest technologies, as well as to attend the technical programs to ensure we remain focused on the latest industry trends and research from around the world."

In addition to showcasing the latest in locomotive braking systems, air dryer solutions, valves, gauges and more, Graham-White is sponsoring the Locomotive Maintenance Officers Association technical presentations, one of the coordinated associations premiere groups dedicated to the advancement of locomotive maintenance practices and technology. Additionally, Graham-White continues its long time sponsorship of the Air Brake Association, a group of industry professionals dedicated to the study and advancement of freight train braking systems operation and technology.

"Education is a major emphasis at Graham-White, and it is that desire for continued learning and training that keeps us moving forward,” Kuhns said. "This year we’re celebrating 101 years in the industry, and we understand it’s because of that focus on innovation and an effort to stay ahead of industry needs that Graham-White has built success throughout the last century."

Since the early 1900s, Graham-White has provided reliable transportation solutions with the emphasis on making trains safer, faster and more reliable with development of heavy-duty pneumatic and electro-pneumatic valves and accessories, as well as leading the worldwide industry in the drying of compressed air for locomotives and rail transit vehicles. Railway Interchange 2015 attendees who stop by Graham-White booth #3837 will be introduced to the Precision Series-AirSmart 994, a newly redesigned air dryer system based on our highly successful and proven 994 Series Air Dryer. The new air dryer incorporates features for monitoring and controlling system functionality, including a self-test feature, an energy-saving digitally controlled operating system, an LED condition indicator, and incorporates the control of Graham-White’s Autostop #1 MR Drain Valve to manage system moisture removal efficiently.

Other products and showcases at Railway Interchange 2015 will include:

  • The Brakestick, an innovative safety product that keeps rail crews out of the "Red Zone” by allowing them to release and set freight car handbrakes from the ground.
  • The AAR approved Digital AFM Gauge, featuring Ethernet capability and now included in Graham-White’s three-piece digital gauge complex.
  • Vista Engine component reman products that meet ISO 9901:2000 Certification and M-1003 compliance and carry the longest warranty in the business.
  • Products in development, such as the new FTen Series of freight car valves.

Stop by the Graham-White booth, #3837, for a close look at these and many additional railway solutions, and discover what 101 years of proven service and innovation in the industry can mean for your company.

Graham-White Manufacturing Company supplies an assortment of new and remanufactured severe-duty pneumatic/electro-pneumatic valves and accessories to heavy rail, rail transit, military, truck & bus, and industrial clients worldwide. Graham-White is ISO 9001:2000 and AAR M-1003 compliant. The E-BELL, SafeSet, and SludgeBraker brands are all registered trademarks of Graham-White Manufacturing Corporation.