Air Dryers

As the world leader in air drying technology, we can safely boast of an unmatched ability to customize this technology into drying products that match exact and unique applications. Custom applications include size and envelope concerns, withstanding severe shock and vibration along with the ability to survive in dirty, extreme temperature environments. Other challenges include the filtering and drying of severely contaminated hot compressed air, dew point performance tailoring, mounting orientation, and strict AC or DC voltage requirements. The technology leadership of Graham-White is most evident in the heavy rail and rail transit industries worldwide. These markets are where our exceptional track record of fulfilling custom challenges has produced cost effective solutions.

SafeSet LPBs

The 393 and 419 Series SafeSet Locomotive Parking Brakes are automated electric motor driven systems that also incorporate the standard manual interfaces found on mechanical hand brakes.

E-BELL & Whistles

For over 50 years Graham-White has been the leader in pneumatic Bell Ringer technology. Today, we have solved many bell problems by eliminating them altogether with our new electronic bell. The E-BELL is the logical evolution of bell ringing technology. Once again, Graham-White leads the industry with smart products from smart people.


In addition to the high performance filtration packages that are an inherent part of each Graham-White Air Dryer, we also make available an assortment of stand-alone, heavy-duty filters. These unique, high efficiency, stand-alone filters fall into two groups. The first group is a series of Centrifugal / Coalescing filters with automatic drains. The second group is comprised of high efficiency Particulate Filters. It is important to remember that a Centrifugal /Coalescing filter is not an air dryer that reduces the dew point or the relative humidity of the compressed air. Although the Centrifugal filters will remove some of the free water and the Coalescing filters will remove free water and oil aerosols, they do not remove the water vapor that will eventually condensate as the compressed air temperature cools.


Contact Graham-White for all of your valve needs. Our reputation as a quality innovator, designer and manufacturer is due in part to the value of our custom valves. Since the early 1900's, our technology has kept customers totally satisfied. Made with the finest materials and manufactured to customer specifications, only Graham-White Valves add the highest value to your bottom line. Our specialty areas are heavy-duty construction, operating in severe environments, high flow capacity and extreme voltage requirements in both DC and AC operation. Our Valve Family includes: Check Drain Operating (Conductor, Relay, Horn) Solenoid If your requirements are not listed below, contact us and ask how we can add value to your valves.

Sanding Equipment

For over 85 years, GW has provided an assortment of sand trap technology for the locomotive and, since the middle 1970's, many light rail vehicles operating around the world. A variety of Sand Traps and Controllers with or without Rotary Shut-Off replace a family of sand traps dating back to 1914. GW traps are designed to provide unrestricted flow of sand to a point between the rail and wheel to enhance traction. Several models of traps are available with adjustable or fixed sand delivery features to meet your operating needs.


Graham-Whites Custom Gauges have long been the standard in Pressure and Flow analog gauge technology for both the heavy rail and rail transit industries. From a pressure stand point, our unique Duplex Pressure Gauge series is an extraordinary single gauge that delivers two separate pressure readings simultaneously. This dual function does the work of two single gauges, requires half the panel space, and costs less. A Series of Air Flow (AF) Indicator Gauges and Air Flow Method (AFM) Indicator Gauges are also available. Both are enhanced with an adjustable base to measure air system leakage across a 19/64" orifice using a pressure differential (psi) or airflow (cfm) scale. All GW gauges are designed with high quality bronze bourdon tubes and precision phosphor bronze movements for optimum performance and reliability. An integral quick disconnect and test feature makes all GW gauges easy to install within your control stand or console and inspect in place using the GW 706-000 Air Gauge and Pressure Switch Tester. An assortment of GW "Quick Disconnect" Test Fittings are available for quick and easy testing of stand alone air gauges and pressure switches.

Cab Accessories

Graham-White is concerned about operator comfort and safety. We offer several key accessories in response to our customers' requests for increased safety and comfort while operating locomotives from the cab. The products found here have been tested and refined to perform as advertised. However, we are constantly searching for new solutions for cab comfort and safety. Please contact us to discuss your cab accessory needs.

Heaters & Electronics

A variety of electrical and electronic components ranging from heaters with and without thermostat available in a range of voltages and wattage for application with GW automatic drain valves, air dryers or for other products. Stand alone thermostats, suppression devices for high-voltage transients and sustained over-voltage conditions, an electric time and test light are available as well.

Flanges & Adapters

Graham-White offers a wide variety of flange connections and valve adapters for use with filters, coalescers, dryers, and drain valves.

Useful Information

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