E-BELL & Whistles

E-BELL & Whistles

For over 50 years Graham-White has been the leader in pneumatic Bell Ringer technology. Today, we have solved many bell problems by eliminating them altogether with our new electronic bell. The E-BELL is the logical evolution of bell ringing technology. Once again, Graham-White leads the industry with smart products from smart people.

373 Series E-BELL

The 373 Series E-BELL is a solid-state electronic bell with a sound that is just like a pneumatic bell. It does this without the normal maintenance and/or potential freeze ups of conventional bell ringers.

506 Double-Acting Bell Ringer

The 506 Double-Acting Bell Ringer is the standard in the North American locomotive industry for reliability and performance. The clapper is designed to strike the bell on a continuous or intermittent basis as controlled by the operator with our 616 Operating Valve or through some automatic means as developed by the Original Equipment Manufacturer.

Pneumatic Whistles

An assortment of small lightweight brass Pneumatic Whistles is used for cab signal in locomotive and rail car application.