994-100 Series Air Dryer System

994-100 Series Air Dryer System

The 994-100 Series Air Dryer System is no longer available as a new item. Graham-White continues to offer service parts, R&R service, and Overhaul service for the 100 Series. The 500 Series is now offered in place of the 100 Series when a new assembly is required.

Technical Specifications

Operation twin tower, pressure swing regeneration, 65 second cycle per tower (48 sec, 17-second repressurization) - one complete cycle each 2 min 10 sec
Desiccant Material Activated alumina in bags
Inlet Flow 100 SCFM (2826 l/min) Nominal
Pressure Maximum system pressure, 150 psig (10.0 bar) Temperature: -40° F to +160° F (-40° C to + 70° C) with optional heaters
Purge Saver Manage and Maximize purge air during regeneration
Pressure Drop 5 psig max (less coalescer) at 100 SCFM, 100 psig and 105F
Coalescer Filtration Rating 99.9% efficiency @ 0.3 micron
Operating Voltage 45 to 138 VDC (other ranges available upon request)
Current 0.5 A max @ 74 VDC/10 A max @ 74 VDC w/heaters
Electrical Connections Quick Disconnect
Exposure Resistant to direct water spray and damage from flying debris
Shock 10g Vertical, Transverse, and Longitudinal
Vibration GETS 84A204793 Rev. 0 - Profile Figure 5
Fatigue NFPA T2.6.1-1974, cyclical category 3/90 @ 140 psig
EMI/Electrical Protection GETS 41A296300AD rev. B "Reliability and Qualification Specification for Electronic Equipment"
Size (29"(736.6mm)W) x (24.22"(615.19)H) and (16.5"(419 mm)(L).
Weight 155 lbs. (45 kg) Approximately - Dryer only; 75 lbs. (34 kg) - mounting bracket only
Options * Muffler for exhaust valve

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994-100 Series Air Dryer System technical drawing