995 Twin Tower Air Dryer System

995 Twin Tower Air Dryer System

The 995 Twin Tower Air Dryer System was designed to fit inside the D-4 compressor frame commonly used in the rail transit industry. Optional mounting brackets allow for customer-specific applications. Water in transit compressed air systems causes corrosion, washes away lubrication and freezes in cold weather.

Technical Specifications

Operation twin tower, pressure swing regeneration, desiccant dryer; 60 second cycle per tower (48 sec, 12 second repressurization)
Desiccant Material Activated alumina
Pressure 0-150 psig (0 to 10 bar) operating
Temperature -40° F to +150° F (-40° C to + 65° C) with optional heaters
Inlet Flow 28 SCFM nominal(791 l/min), 35 SCFM maximum (989 l/min)
Pressure Drop not exceeding 5 psig (0.3 bar) at 28 SCFM (791 l/min) across entire assembly
Coalescer Filtration Rating 99.9% efficiency @ 0.3 micron aerosol
Final Filter Rating 25 micron MFP (Mean Flow Pore) size
Muffler Prefilter exhausts
Operating Voltage 24 to 45 VDC (other ranges available upon request)
Current 0.3 A nom. @ 37.5 VDC 8.0 A nom. @ 37.5 VDC w/ two 150 Watt Heaters
Electrical Connections Hard-wired through water-tight conduit fitting or optional electrical connector
Exposure IP56 rating
Vibration passed IEC 61373:1999; BS7608:1993 - 5g lateral, 3G vertical
Fatigue NFPA T2.6.1-1974, cyclical category 3/90
Hydrostatic rated 55 bar
EMI/Electrical Protection: Conducted emissions * EN 55011:1991 Conducted immunity:
* ENV 50121-3-2:1996 Radiated emissions:
* ENV 50121-3-2:1996 Electrostatic discharge:
* ENV 50121-3-2: 1996 Surge voltage:
* EN 50155 Transients:
* EN 50155 Transient burst test: BRB/RIA 12
Noise < 70 dBA @ 5 meters (impulse rating)
Size 20.5"(520mm) X 18.0"(457mm) X 10.5"(267mm) (L X H X D) approximately
Weight 75 lbs. (34.02 kg) Approximately
Options * Various mounting brackets available to suit installation
* Pre-filter less Unloader and Check Valve

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995 Twin Tower Air Dryer System technical drawing