SafeSet Lever Style Locomotive Parking Brake

SafeSet Lever Style Locomotive Parking Brake

Graham-White proudly introduces the SafeSet Locomotive Parking Brake. SafeSet is an automated electric motor driven system that also incorporates the standard manual interface found on lever style hand brakes. The primary operator interface is a control panel incorporating two push buttons: SET & RELEASE. In the event electrical power is unavailable, the operator simply uses the manual levers. In the manual mode of operation, SafeSet only requires 60% or less operator-input force than existing mechanical hand brakes. Graham-White's paper and fully functional demonstration unit were enthusiastically received at both the 2000 RSA and 2004 RSI shows in Chicago. Contact Graham-White for a free copy of either papers and to learn more about this exciting advancement in locomotive braking solutions.

Technical Specifications

Vertical Chain Force 4,200 lbf nominal and 6,300 lbf nominal (force can be adjusted to meet customer requirements)
Chain Take-Up Range Unlimited
Operating Voltage Range 48 to 85 VDC
Nominal Current 20 Amps at 74 VDC
Max Inrush Current 180 Amps for 75 ms
Duty Cycle 11 to 15 seconds
Maximum Chain Speed 2 inches / second
Temperature Range -40 deg. F. to 122 deg. F.
Transient Protection +/- 600 V FWHM 5 ms
Reverse Polarity Protection Yes
Weight 210 lbs
Patent # 6,427,811 B1

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SafeSet Lever Style Locomotive Parking Brake technical drawing